Management Committee

Management Committee

2015 Management Committee (Barcelona, 2015) shown in the photo above from left to right – Front row: Andrew Keene; Ellen Peper; Julian Challingsworth; Patrick Leluc; Ignacio Guerra; Daniel Durham; Andrew Stainsby. Back row: Steve Carter; Uwe Michel; Mansoo Kim; Kazutoshi Maki. Not pictured: Michele Bonfiglioli; Yiming (Steven) Jiang.

Patrick Leluc
Chairman - Paris, France

Andrew Stainsby
Council Member - London, UK

Ellen Peper
Council Member - Amersfoort, Netherlands

Ignacio Guerra
Council Member - Barcelona, Spain

Michele Bonfiglioli
Council Member - Bologna, Italy

Steve Carter
Council Member - St. Augustine, USA

Andrew Keene
Managing Director - Barcelona, Spain