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  • Twynstra Gudde is at the Forefront of Intelligent Transport

    11 January 2019
    Twynstra Gudde, Member Firm (The Netherlands)

    The Netherlands is a world leader in realising sustainable transport solutions and smart city planning. Twynstra Gudde is at the forefront of smart transport solutions, offering strategic advice to this century’s most complex mobility challenges.

    It is notoriously difficult to imagine what urban mobility will look like in 2040, but it will certainly be a construct of human creativity and cooperation. The Dutch management consultancy Twynstra Gudde has a futuring methodology for cutting edge solutions, building on its more than 50 years of experience advising public and private sector clients on energy transitions in the mobility sector, policy development on accessibility issues, governance concerning new mobility concepts, and sustainable transport. The firm’s strategic and functional expertise is highly sought-after abroad – the consultancy is at the time of writing engaged in some of the world’s most complex sustainability projects in critically at-risk countries such as Colombia and Bangladesh.

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