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  • Shifting from Reactive to Predictive in Energy: Driving Valuable Outcomes in a New Digital Landscape Part 2

    16 May 2018
    North Highland, Member Firm (US and UK)

    The digital transformation will bring necessary changes to the Oil and Gas industry: new ways of working and new functions will appear. The routine inspections of a field technician won’t be the same as before, as new sensors will replace walk-around routines with the analysis directly performed on the equipment via sensors. Maintenance crews will see a significant shift in work orders to predictive and preventative efforts and away from corrective maintenance. Field operators will have more information at their fingertips through mobile toolsets, wearables and will be provided additional autonomy in their daily efforts. New roles for data scientists will be created to build, maintain, and optimize operations analysis models. According to a McKinsey study, oil and gas companies could employ more data scientists with Ph.D.’s than geologists in the next 10 years.

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