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  • Improving Clinical Trials through Digital Patient Engagement

    01 August 2017
    North Highland, Member Firm (US and UK)

    Pharmaceutical companies need a platform that builds a connection with patients and enables their voices to be heard.

    Life Sciences Perspective

    The clinical trial landscape is undergoing unprecedented transformation. Patients—no longer “subjects”—are empowered, active participants in the trial journey. New technologies are revolutionizing trial design and enabling pathways to realize the full potential of precision medicine. The use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, crowd-sourcing, and cognitive science are key among the macro-level trends that are shaping the future of clinical trial design. The use of social insights to better understand the patient psyche has similarly gained momentum as a critical mechanism to identify beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. In the context of these changes, authentic patient engagement has emerged as a critical dimension of trial design

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