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  • Disruption-Proof Talent Management

    24 July 2017
    North Highland, Member Firm (US and UK)

    People & Change Perspective
    “You need to be a better leader next year than you were the year before, I think you’ve got to keep aspiring to be better, learn, change (and) modify your approach given the circumstances.” – Doug Baker, CEO of Ecolab

    When Doug Baker took over as the CEO of Ecolab, an industrial cleaning products company, in 2004, he set sights on tripling the company’s $4 billion revenue. In pursuit of that goal, Baker completed some 50 acquisitions over 10 years, growing sales to $14 billion and doubling Ecolab’s workforce by 2014.1

    The acquisitions allowed Ecolab to offer its customers a more diverse set of cleaning products and services, but as the company’s sales grew, so did organizational complexity. Management layers multiplied, leadership became increasingly siloed, and key decisionmakers spent less time interacting with customers. The way Ecolab did business had changed, but the way its workforce was organized and managed had not.

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