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  • We've Found the Target Consumers in Anthropological Ways

    07 December 2016
    S.Point, Member Firm (China)

    01 Question

    Things started with no clue. S.LAB strategists needed to help a leading Chinese Health consumer goods brand find the target consumers of the next stage given the trend of consumer upgrading. This is a huge and borderless proposition and what the strategists face is 1.3 billion consumers in China.

    Health has become an important element of urban life style in China. But one can imagine the difficulty of finding a market segment positioning and insight for a big health consumer goods brand in this complex and diverse social structure.

    02 Insight

    S.LAB strategists decided to start from an anthropological perspective. Chinese social development, intergenerational characteristics and economic ups and downs have also been included in the reference factors. The designers focused on China's development course and trend over the past 50 years, divided the existing Chinese population according to the characteristics of different eras, then found the social development trends and social dividends of different eras such as system reform, education reform, globalization, reform and opening up and Internet development, and finally analyzed different groups of people's sensitiveness and ability to grasp the social dividends.

    After a complex and tedious analysis and comparison, ultimately a huge plan was posted on the wall of S.LAB's Conference room. The plan clearly divided the people into 69 groups based on the above-mentioned anthropological and social architecture. Then, experts from the brand and other fields will be invited to vote and screen the 69 groups from multiple dimensions to finally select 19 groups that can be set as target consumer groups for the brand. These groups may have rich life scenarios, need to constantly change the pace of life, and have different views and needs about health.

    03 Solution

    S.LAB will further perceive and study the 19 groups to find opportunities suitable for the "One Health" consumer goods brand and provide specific solutions about brand image, product lines and marketing strategy, etc.

    Design is not an independent field; it is closely related to human development and social change. S.LAB strategists' extensive knowledge and backgrounds have provide possibilities for this innovative exploration approach.

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